Why You Should Get Bids on Real Estate Construction Jobs

It’s very exciting to be responsible for a new project. The building owner is trusting you to hire the best contractor and to get to 100% completion all within a given budget and timeframe. You got your bid, but you don’t know if any of the items could be more affordable or even better looking. You don’t know if overtime is possible for the crew. Now is the time to be able to compare apples to apples. Reasons you may want to get a few bids include finding a better price, faster turnaround, better quality service.

Better Price

We have the potential to miss out on a lot if we go with the first price we see. If we are anticipating a higher price but the bid comes in lower we have to wonder if we are getting a bargain or will there be a shortcut. Another thought is if this person can come in lower how low can everyone else go? Having a few bids in front of you allows you to match the information and see where the smaller price is coming in. If you can get all the great things you want for a lower price, then that may be a good selling point to the owner of the building.

Faster Turn Around

Do you need this project completed right away? You may have a bid in the stack that offers to work teams around the clock to get it all done. Dealing with time constraints is another reason you need more than one bid. With a single bid you’re trying to work off of one potential time frame. Time frames are important because they can make or break a deal. Depending on the negotiations, past due timeframes can mean money loss for the owner. Having to grant rent concessions or even pay penalties are all great motivators to get going on a build-out right away. If you are looking for a company to complete an office build you may want to search for any Office Development Services dayton oh.

Better Quality Service

Additional bids give you the ability to check on the products and services that are being offered. When you meet with the contractor you get the advantage of asking what kinds of products they plan to use if they are granted the job. You can ask about the supervision and how often the checkups and follow ups would be. You can also ask about callback service for anything that falls apart after the job is complete. Things like this can be the difference of whether you want to spend the extra dollars for the great service or just wing it after all is complete. Either way you choose, you only get the option to choose if you have more than one bid.

Asking for bids doesn’t make you a bad person and it doesn’t make your company look bad. Sometimes trusted professionals can feel a bit slighted if they know there is competition, but what you’re looking for is a fair price and great service. You will be relying heavily on the contractors to be experts in the field and you want to trust that they will honor their work. Ask for a bid to be able to find the better price, the faster turnaround, and the better-quality service.